The Foundation

The Foundation


The Foundation has the following purposes of general interest:

Promote the spirit of peaceful coexistence of the different peoples, creeds and cultures of the Mediterranean area.
Disseminate the Andalusian culture and those other cultures that make up the Spanish State in order to contribute to a better and greater knowledge of the cultural heritage that unites us, to maintain the motto of Blas Infante: Andalucía Por Sí, para España y la Humanidad .
Preserve and disseminate all types of documents and audiovisual materials on Andalusia, especially referring to the period between the political transition to democracy and the consolidation of the State of Autonomies (1975-1985).
Disseminate the contribution of Andalusia to the reconfiguration of the Autonomous State in terms of equality and solidarity, in accordance with the spirit of the Autonomous Pacts of 1981 that established the competence and institutional equality of all Autonomous Communities.
The defense of the unity of a plural, federal and indissolubly united Spain to the construction of Europe.
Promote the defense of human rights and the fight against racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.


Don Rafael Escuredo Rodríguez
Don Juan Cano Bueso
Vice president
Don Andrés Vicente Gómez Montero
Doña Patricia Escuredo Ruiz-Tagle
Don Gonzalo María de Luis Otero

Advisory board

Don Enrique García
Don Manuel Pimentel
Don Fernando Pajares
Don Mario Armero