documentation Center

Documentation center

In 2016, the Documentation and Archive Center of the Rafael Escuredo Chair was created as part of the foundational objectives. The Center gives the Chair a character of permanence, since it is a tool that connects the past with the present, with the history of Andalusia during the presidency of Rafael Escuredo, which coincides with the essential stage of the conquest of the Autonomy for Andalusia.
In its initial phase, the objective of the Center is to order, catalog and digitize the private archive of Rafael Escuredo. Rafael Escuredo's personal archive houses the documentation resulting from his time in the Congress of Deputies during the key years of the Spanish transition (1977-1979), as well as the one that gave rise to the achievement of the Andalusian Autonomy and that produced in the first years of life of the Junta de Andalucía (1979-1984). It also includes a wide collection of correspondence, both personal and professional, through which we can learn more and better the personality of this relevant figure in the history of Andalusia.